Why choose us

marketing strategy

A team of senior investor relations experts will analyze your business from top to bottom. By understanding your business, valuation, investment thesis, growth strategy and competitive relationship, build a strategy to enhance the value of your company, so that you can build credibility among shareholders and establish widespread dissemination among new audiences.

marketing Outreach

All market outreach services are the unique for each customer. We use our boarder media base and continuous market intelligence to establish potential investors and sellers for research reports. At the same time, it is committed to strengthening the relationship with customers’ existing investors and analysts. Establish and continuously update an audience of suitable investors and analysts, conduct constructive dialogues, and appropriately explain company valuations.

We have assembled a team across continents – Asia and North America – to serve our clients. We are proud of our multicultural and multidisciplinary capabilities for clients across the spectrum of market capitalization. We are preparing to assist companies rasing at the high-growth emerging market. We have diverse industry expertise, valued C-suite partners, high-impact investors, and professional analyst targeting programs.



With many mainstream media at home and abroad, your press release will be published by hundreds of trusted top media, so as to improve promotion efforts and achieve the integration of quality.
We will target potential investors, investment institutions, and partners to increase the company’s media exposure opportunities. Arrange for well-known domestic and foreign financial media to report on major events, so that investors can understand the company’s market advantages and growth potential And management quality.