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China Education Group Holdings Limited (the “Group”) is a leading global higher and vocational education group with footprints in China, Australia and United Kingdom, visioning to provide quality education through innovation. The Group operates in three business segments and its school network includes eleven universities and professional schools in China (including the top ranked and largest private university in the country and four schools in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area), a higher education institute in Sydney, Australia, and a US-UK dual degree awarding university in London, United Kingdom.

Nantian Electronics Information Co.,Ltd (Nantian) has been the leading IT company in banking automation business of Chinese marker for about two decades. Nantian is specialized in providing the most reliable HW/SW products and solutions to banking/financial industry. Having dedicated in this market over two decades, Nantian is committed to provide its clients with not only reliable HW/SW products but also the flexibility of customization and solutions to meet the demand from the ever changing market.On October 14, 1999, Nantian Information was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 000948.
Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information Co.
Greentree Hospitality Group Ltd. (The original GreenTree Inn Hotel Management Group, GreenTree) landed on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2018 (NYSE:GHG))is a large professional hotel management group. It has over 15 high-quality brands and many sub-brands, such as GreenTree Eastern Hotel, Gem Hotel, Gya Hotel, VX Hotel, Deep Sleep Hotel, GreenTree Inn, GreenTree Alliance Hotel, GreenTree Apartment, Vatica Hotel and Shell Hotel. As of June 30, 2020, the Group has 5000 hotels distributed in 343 cities to meet customers’ needs ranging from fair-price to high-end, from business travel to leisure vacation.
GreenTree Hospitality Group

Rianlon is a major solution provider of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymer materials. Our product portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX), light stabilizers (RIASORB) and U-pack which is customized blending formulation to provide one-stop anti-aging solution. Rianlon is also the first publicly listed company in the Chinese anti-aging additives industry, stock symbol: 300596. Rianlon commits itself to the mission of creating value for customers and stays focused on anti-aging technologies for polymer materials.

iFresh Inc. is an Asian American grocery supermarket chain. The Company offers culturally unique produce, seafood, and other groceries. Ifresh business are located in highly concentrated Asian population.





FiscalNote is the #1 most trusted solution for managing policy issues and risk. Our 360-degree approach includes news & analysis, tracking, stakeholder management, collaboration and advocacy tools.





2018-11-08 至 2018-11-09

2018年11月8日至9日,由WBF世界区块链大会主办,Hello China集团协办的“纽约技术大会”在纽约中心希尔顿酒店盛大举办。大会以“中国区块链力量和世界的对话”为主题,汇聚全球区块链产业各类头部资源,包括区块链基金、交易所、公链、媒体、矿场等,这将成为中国区块链力量登入华尔街的首秀之地,站在世界中心,和全世界对话。


2018年11月8日至9日,由WBF世界区块链大会主办,Hello China集团协办的“纽约技术大会”在纽约中心希尔顿酒店盛大举办。大会以“中国区块链力量和世界的对话”为主题,汇聚全球区块链产业各类头部资源,包括区块链基金、交易所、公链、媒体、矿场等,这将成为中国区块链力量登入华尔街的首秀之地,站在世界中心,和全世界对话。

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