Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Investor Communications

Get an invitation to the investor conference
Respond to investor inquiries via phone and email
Arrange non-deal roadshows to meet investors in different cities
After major corporate news is released, expand contacts with investors

Investor Relations

Introduction to Institutional Investors, Retail Brokers and High Net Worth Investors, Analysts and Investment Banks
Roadshow demonstration development, roadshow support, roadshow Q&A preparation Comprehensive post-trading stage plan
Listing ceremony and media interviews

IR Advisory

Many companies will conduct new initial public offerings to conduct their first interviews with investors, and these early meetings may be critical to building an understanding community around the company’s fundamentals. Throughout the process, the contents that you can and cannot disclose are subject to strict supervision, and wrong operations may lead to regulatory accusations.

Corporate Communications

Internal & external communications

IR is a communication channel between investors and company executives, conveying to the company executives the general views of Wall Street and its investors on the company. Communicate what the investor community may see as assets and defects, what they want to change, what they don’t understand, and most importantly, what will drive the value of the stock based on current and anticipated investor needs and demands.

Media Relation

Targeted media relations provide an important part of the company’s story. Media opportunities help highlight the company’s strategy, growth goals, development, and business-related milestones. Provide perspectives in the media and actively seek the best news, corporate and industry trends.

Marketing Outreach

Non-deal meetings and roadshows

Non-deal meetings and roadshows. We proactively work to build and expand relationships with key investors and analysts on Wall Street through our deep networks and targeted outreach

Strategic buy-side and sell-side targeting

coordinating non-deal roadshows, analyst days, site visits, trade shows and financial media plans to build and strengthen relationships, and expand sell-side coverage.

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